Home Hacks – Repurposing Everyday Items for Home Use

Americans generate a lot of waste, with much ending up in landfills despite efforts at recycling. One way you can help combat this problem is to repurpose household items you no longer use into something useful for others. Baby lotion bottles are often overlooked when it comes to recycling efforts, yet you can turn one […]

Maximizing Space With Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture provides endless possibilities when furnishing a new apartment or downsizing to a smaller home. Crafted with plenty of extra storage space built-in, multipurpose pieces can help keep all of your necessities safe from damage or clutter. Beds that convert to couches, coffee tables with extendable dining surfaces, and seating that doubles as shelving […]

Stylish and Practical Window Treatment Ideas

Window treatments are both fashionable and functional; they provide privacy, light control, warmth, character and color to a room. Choose instead a dark wood finish to enhance the architecture of your home and make printed and patterned curtains pop against its background. Sheer Shades Sheer shades add an air of elegance to any window. Hang […]

Home Automation Ideas For a Smarter Home

Home automation refers to the use of smart devices that communicate and work together seamlessly. These can respond to triggers like schedules, temperature fluctuations, motion or doorbell rings for instance. Automating multiple things together, like setting a “Wakeup” scene that turns on lights, lowers thermostat temperature, and plays soothing music is one way to automate […]

The Importance of Proper Insulation and Ventilation in Your Home

Insulation is an economical and effective way to make your home more comfortable, reduce energy bills and improve indoor air quality. Insulation helps trap heat during winter, and keep cool air out during summer. Ventilation is also vitally important, allowing fresh air into your home while exhausting contaminated or damp air outwards. Ventilation also plays […]

Outdoor Living Spaces – Creating the Perfect Backyard Oasis

The ideal backyards are those that provide a refuge from everyday life’s stresses. Here are some ideas to turn your space into an idyllic retreat. Water has long been known to promote serenity, so why not add a small pond or even a bubbling brook to your backyard oasis? Deck or Patio Decks and patios […]