Feng Shui: Bringing Harmony Into Your Home

Feng shui experts can assist with helping you identify which adjustments to make in your home to enhance its chi. An easy first step would be removing clutter that obstructs energy flow.

Plants represent life energy and can bring an air of calm into any home environment. Plants with round leaves have been said to promote harmonious relationships, while sansevieria’s sword-shaped leaves symbolize protection.

1. Place Your Bed in a Straight Line

Beds should not be placed directly across from doors to prevent energy drain. Allowing space on either side of your bed allows energy to move freely throughout your room.

Additionally, your bed should never block travel paths. If it must be placed below a beam instead, try hanging two flutes over its head to keep energy moving freely.

2. Place Your Kitchen in a Straight Line

An organized kitchen can bring prosperity. Make sure it remains free from clutter, while adding items that support good health such as plants.

An inoperable doorbell or cabinet that won’t shut can stop positive energy from entering your home.

Feng shui experts can assist in the placement of furniture and objects within your home design, and can explain its principles to help create harmony within.

3. Place Your Desk in a Straight Line

According to feng shui, your desk represents your ability to move forward in life. If it’s facing away from the entranceway, this can limit its potential and inhibit energy flow.

Opt for furniture arrangements that allow clear pathways in and around rooms, to prevent energy from getting blocked by things such as a cluttered hallway or square coffee table with sharp corners. This will allow chi to flow more freely.

4. Place Your Stove in a Straight Line

Stoves are often thought of as symbols of wealth in Feng Shui. Therefore, it’s crucial that they’re placed prominently, where they can be seen from outside your doorway.

Maintain a clutter-free kitchen as messy rooms are said to reflect poor health and finances. Furthermore, be sure to repair broken items, which symbolize stress and insecurity.

5. Place Your Bathroom in a Straight Line

Feng Shui is founded on the notion that every home contains energy known as Ch’i that flows in specific directions and can be altered through design choices.

Wood, earth, metal, water and fire are the five basic energies. Decorating with colors that resonate with these categories can help your space to feel balanced; earth symbolizes self-care and stability for instance.

6. Place Your Living Room in a Straight Line

Feng shui is founded on the belief that everything around us has an energy called “chi”, composed of opposing but complementary forces. Arranging your home according to these principles can improve health, relationships, wealth and luck for you and your loved ones.

To enhance the feng shui in your space, position large furniture items like your couch or stove so they are visible from the entranceway. Select colors which represent elements such as wood, fire, earth metal and water to complete this feng shui-enhancing approach.

7. Place Your Bedroom in a Straight Line

Feng shui views the bedroom as a representation of your ability to progress in life. Positioning your bed directly opposite a door may induce restless energy; so it’s best to avoid doing this.

Planting healthy green houseplants in your kitchen is said to bring in wood energy, representing nourishment. Red and orange colors as well as triangle shapes have long been associated with fire energy which represents passion and visibility.

8. Place Your Bedroom in a Straight Line

Feng shui requires opening windows and inviting in fresh air and natural light, but you should avoid placing your bed beneath one as this can interfere with sleep and cause disruptions. Also known as the coffin position.

Add a stair runner or artwork that causes visitors to pause and reflect, and try to minimize mirrors in your bedroom as these can magnify challenges and worries.

9. Place Your Office in a Straight Line

Utilizing Feng Shui principles to organize your space and reduce clutter can help you feel more balanced, confident and powerful – supporting both health and wellness goals in an indirect way.

The Bagua map divides our space into nine different sections that correspond with aspects of our lives, for instance placing your desk in the Wealth & Prosperity zone can help you reach your financial goals faster.

10. Place Your Kitchen in a Straight Line

Feng Shui holds that the kitchen is one of the most vital rooms in any home, so keeping it free from clutter – particularly around its entrance – is crucial in maintaining good energy flow and can hinder its natural flow.

Feng shui employs the principles of balance to bring about a peaceful, harmonious home environment. Try applying these tips in your home this year to bring more positive energy and good fortune into it!

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