Home Security Vs Home Insurance – What You Need to Know

Home insurance providers have a vested interest in reducing claims, so they offer homeowners who install security systems a discount on their premium. Besides burglar alarms, many of these systems include smoke and fire detection that can alert the fire department in time to lessen damage. Burglary and fire damage are the largest home insurance […]

The Rise of Multi-Functional Furniture in Modern Homes

Multifunctional furniture can help simplify living spaces for minimalists or those in smaller homes alike, offering multiple purposes and easy upkeep. Multitaskers serve multiple functions at the same time while performing different duties – perfect if space is at a premium! Transforming furniture has taken the design world by storm and this trend is being […]

Creating a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Home

Making sustainable lifestyle changes may seem intimidating and expensive, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Making green changes doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming – and green living doesn’t need to break your budget! Homeowners have many ways they can become more eco-friendly, from simple lifestyle changes to ambitious endeavors like solar […]

Kitchen Design – Creating a Work Triangle and Making sure the Space is Safe

Your kitchen layout plays an instrumental role in how efficiently and comfortably you work in the space. It should support how you cook by creating a work triangle and making sure there is sufficient safety within its confines. Keep frequently used items close at hand. Place a coffee maker and all its accoutrements close to […]

Mastering the Basics – Essential Knife Skills for Every Home Chef

Chopping, dicing and slicing ingredients is a vital knife skill that home cooks should master to make their kitchen tasks less time consuming and more efficient. It also helps them create tastier and more appealing meals. Proper knife technique helps prevent fatigue, wrist issues and even accidents. This visual guide will teach you basic knife […]

The Rise of Eco-Friendly Homes – Tips for a Sustainable Living Space

Homebuyers are putting eco-friendly features high on their property wish lists. This is due to several factors including cost savings, environmental responsibility, and increased resale value. Many standard building materials contain volatile organic compounds that can cause a variety of issues like nausea; eye, nose, and throat irritation; and skin problems. Eco-friendly homes prioritize the […]