Trends in Bathroom Design Tiles

From classic 3×6 subway tile to more unique options such as patterned options, there are numerous bathroom design tiles available to make your space truly original. Varying tile sizes offer a dynamic aesthetic while being easy to keep sanitary and maintain.

Textured tile is a key trend in bathroom design and tile is one of the easiest ways to incorporate it. From rough split face stone tiles to raised geometric designs, textured tiles add visual interest and fresh design flair to walls.

Subway Tiles

Classic subway tiles remain an elegant choice when it comes to bathroom tile design. Available in an array of colors, patterns and textures to meet every preference, these timeless tiles can also be laid in various ways to create distinct bathroom designs.

Though traditional 3-by-6 inch subway tiles remain highly sought-after, longer and slimmer variations are available that may help your small bathroom appear larger by visually stretching walls to make them seem higher.

An attractive way to utilize this timeless shape is by stacking tiles herringbone-style, creating an eye-catching design element while being easy and efficient for cleaning purposes.

Subway tile doesn’t have to be white; its colors range from gray to cobalt blue. Here, an eye-catching ice mint hue stands out against soft grey cabinets, creating an inviting and modern atmosphere in this space.

Hexagonal Tiles

Geometric Hex Tile Patterns Are Trending In Bathroom Design Hexagon tiles have become one of the hottest trends in bathroom design. Hexagon tiles can be easily integrated into nearly every decor style from farmhouse to contemporary; black hexagon tiles make an especially bold statement paired with white shower or bathtub tiles to bring light into the space.

If you prefer something with more subtlety, opt for elongated hexagon tiles instead of traditional rounded hexagon ones. These hexagon tiles feature four long sides and two short ends – creating an intriguing pattern while making your bathroom seem larger.

Hex shapes can also make for stunning color combinations and textures, from the classic black and white combination to avant-garde metallics or more creative bright hues – the options are virtually limitless!

Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles add a creative flourish to any bathroom or cloakroom, from Moroccan-inspired mudcloth patterns to vintage star tile designs. There’s an array of patterns available that you can choose from – particularly popular for floors but also great as feature walls or splashbacks!

If you prefer subtler styles, smaller scale patterned tiles offer the ideal way to bring texture and pattern into your bathroom without overshadowing its theme. Try installing honeycomb designs or an intricate mosaic mosaic as stylish backdrops with easy maintenance needs.

Smaller patterned tiles are also great for creating a striking atmosphere in bathrooms with sloped ceilings, thanks to their unique shape. Their texture can conform seamlessly to any slope while still adding visual interest and making the room visually stimulating – an invaluable feature that makes Universal or Accessible Design bathrooms unique and memorable experiences.

Hexagonal Mosaics

Hexagonal mosaic tiles add a geometric, custom design element to bathroom walls and floors, adding an eye-catching geometric touch that is both stylish and affordable. Used sparingly as wall feature tiles or as floor murals with mixed colors hexagons for an eye-catching mix and match design, their fluid geometry works beautifully with modern sanitary ware.

Hex tile sizes range from small to large, giving you plenty of design options when selecting tiles for bathroom designs. Smaller hex tiles provide additional slip resistance due to increased grout lines – ideal for shower area tiling!

Marble hexagon tiles add timeless luxury and sophistication to any bathroom space, from statement floors like the one featured here by Light and Dwell, to eye-catching shower embellishments or stylish backsplash designs. Plus, using them with different textures or finishes gives even more character!

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