How to Waterproof a Window in a Shower

If you have a shower that features a window, you can learn how to waterproof it. First, decide if you want a permanent or temporary waterproofing solution. Temporary waterproofing methods include draping a shower curtain over the window sill, or applying adhesive-backed membrane. Make sure the waterproof membrane is level with the jamb and overlaps the bottom flashing and header.

After determining what type of waterproof material you need, determine how it will affect the lighting in the room. A translucent shower curtain, for instance, can reduce light and increase privacy. In addition, a tiled window sill can prevent rot from moisture. Another option is to use a solid surface material instead of wood, which eliminates seams. Also, consider plastic trim instead of wood, since it will not rot like wood.

Waterproofing the window in a shower is important for a few reasons. One is to improve ventilation. A window in the shower allows natural light to enter the home, while another can give a beautiful view during a shower. Waterproofing the window is essential for proper home maintenance. If you want to waterproof the window, contact a local contractor to assist you.

If the window is made of wood, you should paint it with waterproof exterior paint and caulk it properly. If it’s not, you can consider applying window film to the window to protect it from moisture. It’s also possible to install a glass-etching cream on the window to permanently frost it.

Using a high quality sealant is a must. The best sealant for this purpose is Loctite PL Window Door & Siding Polyurethane Sealant. This sealant is not only waterproof, but also weather resistant. Moreover, it will protect the wall studs, insulation, and siding in the home.

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