Choosing Window Placement in Your Home

The placement of windows in your home has a big impact on the energy that comes in and out. Windows let in natural light and air, and when placed in the right location, they can give your room a brighter appeal while keeping the temperature under control. Here are some tips for choosing the right window placement for your home.

Try to align windows on a wall horizontally and vertically. If your windows are on different floors, line them up so that the second-story windows are lined up with those on the first floor. Don’t leave the edges floating, as it can create an unappealing look. You can also center one window with another.

While it’s tempting to mix and match different window sizes, make sure to keep the height versus width ratio consistent. This will make your home appear more balanced. If you’re working with a traditional architectural style, avoiding mismatching the sizes of your windows will help you achieve a harmonious look. On the other hand, modern architectural styles can tolerate greater variations.

A window’s height should match the height of the room. Too low or too high a window will make a room feel smaller or unproportioned. For tall rooms, take advantage of the wall space and make your windows longer. Generally, there is about 16 inches between the top of the window and the ceiling.

Another consideration when choosing window placement in your home is the direction of the wind. If windows are positioned to face the east or west, they may cause hot mornings and afternoons. In such cases, it’s best to place operable windows in the north or south. This will help control the amount of glares that come from the windows and prevent a hot interior.

The front of your home is the first place visitors will see your house, so be sure it has a welcoming look. Windows on the front side should be large enough to allow light to enter your entryway. A picture window above the door will add light to the entryway. You can also place several windows to add symmetry and balance.

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