Stylish and Practical Window Treatment Ideas

Window treatments are both fashionable and functional; they provide privacy, light control, warmth, character and color to a room.

Choose instead a dark wood finish to enhance the architecture of your home and make printed and patterned curtains pop against its background.

Sheer Shades

Sheer shades add an air of elegance to any window. Hang them alone or pair them with solid drapery panels; when used together, select fabrics that complement one another for a seamless look.

Your sheer shades can be further customized with a selection of upgrade options. Consider selecting cordless lift for safer control system and continuous cord loop controls to eliminate visible cords that could endanger children or pets.

Stained Glass

Stained glass windows add a vibrant splash of color to any home. Traditionally, artisans would heat potash and sand at temperatures reaching 3000F before mixing in various colored metallic oxide powders for different hues. After that was complete, cames were fitted into H-shaped strips of lead known as cames to form panels which could then hang from windows.

A simple lace valance makes for an elegant window treatment, letting in plenty of natural light. This window treatment looks particularly striking in minimalist decor where its intricate details stand out more.

Frosted Glass

Frosted windows allow natural light to come through while also protecting artwork and wood from sun fading, providing privacy, and hiding clutter. Frosted windows also make a good option for renters looking for window coverings they can quickly take down; caulked window treatments may prove more difficult.

Frosted glass is opaque but allows light through due to etching that scatters it, such as with sandblasting or acid etching. You can create it using these methods or for an immediate, semi-permanent solution you can also use canned frosted glass spray paint as an instant and semi-permanent fix.

Folding Screens

Folding screens (also called room dividers) act like portable walls to divide living spaces while concealing or revealing features. As designer secret weapons, folding screens offer endless design opportunities.

DIY SOS winner Sophie Robinson came up with this clever solution that pairs floral-patterned blinds and geometric print curtains in order to achieve an eye-catching combination that provides privacy as well as light filtration in one streamlined package. Not only does it look fantastic from both inside and outside; this idea would work especially well in tall picture windows!

Double-Layered Curtains

Window dressings are an essential component of interior design. Not only do they add privacy, shade and soundproofing, but also style to your space.

Sheer curtains provide natural light while attenuating passerby views in rooms like exterior doors or bathrooms with glass panels, for instance. Try wide Tempo pleat curtains to achieve soft waves that look smart open or closed.

Layering a valance over your base curtain adds color, pattern and texture. Close it for extra light blocking capabilities or open it for soft framing effects.

Bold Patterns

Patterned window treatments add a stylish finishing touch, drawing attention to their presence. Combine luxuriously textured curtains with simple blinds for an eye-catching layered effect that’s both luxurious and decadent.

To create a bay window that matches the rest of your home, try hanging half-length curtains between slender blinds with matching or complementary patterns hung at half length hung half way between. This allows light to filter in while providing privacy without distracting from its elegant shape. Complete this look by matching or complementing hardware.


Suncatchers add both classic and modern flair to any window by “catching the light,” creating rainbow-like effects from nearby sources. Decorative glass or nacre pieces hung inside windows to “catch” this ray can add style and functionality simultaneously.

Create an eye-catching display with this brass ginkgo leaf pick from Wayfair or opt for something more playful like this prismatic smiley-face decal from WallDecor4U – either way, guests will be impressed by this exquisite decor that can transform every moment into golden hour!


Designers know exactly how to add dimension and space by pairing mirrors with bold printed fabrics that elongate narrow windows, creating the appearance of larger windows while still allowing natural light through.

Mirrors are smooth surfaces designed to reflect most of the light that strikes it back onto itself without absorbing it, like household or looking glasses. Any reflective material, such as household cleaners or window tinting compounds can produce mirrors.

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