Star Pattern Floor Tile

A star pattern floor tile is a beautiful way to liven up an otherwise drab room or floor. These medium-sized tiles feature large grey stars in the center of squares, and miniature versions of these stars in each of the four corners. These tiles’ bold, classic design is elevated by the contrast between the grey stars and white background.

While this star pattern floor tile is often used in bathrooms and kitchens, it is also a great option for entrances and hallways. It also complements the look of clawfoot bathtubs, and goes well with vintage-style interiors. The design is easy to match with different paint colors, and its bold pattern will add instant style to your home.

For a more traditional, timeless look, you can choose a star pattern floor tile made of ceramic. These tiles feature a rich, antiqued appearance with a thick terracotta base. They are suitable for all types of residential, commercial, and institutional settings, and they have a very low absorption rate, meaning they are suitable for almost any space.

A star pattern floor tile can also be made from lavastone tiles. These tiles are available in different thicknesses and come in a variety of patterns and colors. This tile is particularly versatile, and can make a room look much larger than it actually is. A star pattern floor tile can make a room look bigger than it is, and can add an air of sophistication to the decor.

Another star pattern floor tile is the Astral Tile, which features a beautiful star pattern on a matte finish. These tiles are durable, frost-proof, and can be used throughout the home. This tile is similar to Scintilla tiles, but has a unique look. Unlike other star pattern floor tiles, Astral Tiles are made of porcelain and can withstand the elements in the home.

A herringbone pattern uses one third of the tile’s length. This pattern looks sophisticated and elegant and can be made of multiple colors. Another common pattern is the grid pattern, which uses square-shaped tiles to make a grid pattern. Grid tiles are easier to lay out than rugs because of the grid pattern.

This floor tile design is perfect for a hallway, which is similar to a common area between two flats. A large black border surrounds the tile and gold veins accentuate it. Its inner area has artistic corner designs. The overall pattern is simple and aesthetically pleasing. These tiles work well with antique furniture.

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