Gorgeous Types Of Houses

Whether you’re looking for a home in the country or a beachfront, there are plenty of gorgeous types of houses to choose from. These include Mediterranean-style homes, Colonial-style homes, and mobile homes.

Queen Anne

During the 19th century, the Queen Anne style was one of the most popular houses in the United States. It was a style that evolved from Victorian architecture and reflected American individuality. These houses are often asymmetrical, with tall windows and curved walls. They are also very light.

Some of the key features of the Queen Anne house are its asymmetrical front, elaborate trim, and tall windows. In addition, these houses have gables and turrets. These turrets add to the appearance of the building and create more usable space. The turrets are often made of brick and mortar.

Many of these houses have large bay windows that project out from the main body of the building. The bays are usually topped with decorative elements and ornamental spandrels.

Mediterranean-style homes

Generally speaking, Mediterranean style homes are warm, inviting, and offer an excellent indoor-outdoor balance. Their exterior walls are made of stucco or brick, and the interior is usually tiled with decorative patterns. They are also known for their colorful roofs.

While Mediterranean homes can be found in any state or country, they are most common in Florida, California, and other warmer-climate areas. These homes are often one- or two-story, with outdoor living spaces and swimming pools.

Many Mediterranean houses have balconies or courtyards that add to their appeal. These can also serve as great places to enjoy family time. During outdoor parties, a fountain can be the focal point of the scene.


Known as the colonial house, these homes are one of the most popular types of houses in today’s housing market. They’re easy to expand, durable, and visually appealing. They’re also a great choice if you’re looking for a home in a desirable area.

A typical colonial home features a two-story design with bedrooms on the upper level. It may have a basement, but it rarely has an open floor plan. Instead, it typically has a formal living room, kitchen, and dining room. These rooms are connected by a hallway.

The earliest Colonial houses were typically made from brick or stone. Typical features include a central door, a large fireplace, and a staircase.

Mid-Century modern

Typically built with large glass windows and a flat roof, mid-century modern houses are considered a timeless style. Originally a post-World War II design, they are popular with both Millennials and vintage-loving older homeowners.

While mid-century modern homes are not for everyone, they offer a timeless look with a clean minimalist aesthetic. They feature flat roofs, open floor plans, and a focus on connecting the house with the surrounding landscape. These features can be found in both new and old houses.

The use of natural materials was also a signature trait of mid-century modern houses. These materials often blended together for a unique look. Some of the most popular were marble, granite, and stone.


Whether you’re looking for a weekend retreat, a mountain getaway or a vacation home, a cabin can provide you with a serene experience. You can build one for yourself or buy a prefabricated one, which you can easily transport to a special location.

These cabins are built in a factory and are then delivered to their location. These prefab houses are often constructed using recycled materials and are environmentally friendly. They are also designed to meet Maryland building codes.

These prefab cabins can be designed to look like a traditional cabin or they can be more modern. Depending on the style you choose, they can be made from wood, concrete, or aluminum.

Mobile homes

Compared to traditional built homes, mobile homes are a lot cheaper. They are also more aesthetically pleasing and sturdier. Some modern manufactured homes are even energy efficient.

The best part about mobile homes is that they are very portable. You can take them with you as you relocate or sell your property. This makes them a very attractive option for anyone looking to make a quick move.

Most mobile homes include new fixtures and appliances. Many models feature cathedral ceilings, Jacuzzis, and walk-in closets. These features are especially useful for families with young children or those living in a tight budget.

Some of the newest manufactured homes even come with garages and decks. These can be a nice touch to an otherwise boring mobile home.

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