Energy Efficient New Homes

With more energy-efficient building materials and stricter building regulations, it’s possible to build a home that will be comfortable all year long without air conditioning. Those older homes probably weren’t designed by architects with a high degree of expertise. With improved technology and more information available, today’s builders are able to create homes that maximize natural resources. Using an energy-efficient new home builder can save a homeowner a great deal of money and headaches down the line.

The PPL New Homes program uses tried and tested building practices to produce high-performance, energy-efficient new homes. These homes are typically 15% more efficient than code-built new homes. These homes are built using proven building techniques, resulting in greater comfort and a lower energy bill. With these homes, you will be saving money on utilities and maintenance, as well as reducing your carbon footprint. And because you won’t have to pay utilities as often, you’ll have more money to spend on other things.

An ENERGY STAR label assures consumers that a new home is more energy-efficient than standard homes. ENERGY STAR-certified homes are at least 10% more energy-efficient than code, making them more comfortable to live in. These homes also meet strict requirements set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In addition, they often have a lower water bill, and are more comfortable as well. These homes can also save a homeowner hundreds of dollars a year on utility bills.

New homes have better insulation than older ones, which makes them more comfortable year-round. Additionally, they use less electricity and natural resources. As a result, you’ll spend less money on heating and cooling. This is a great way to lower your operating costs. This can be an excellent investment if you plan on selling your home soon. So why not consider the many benefits of owning an energy-efficient home? So what are you waiting for? Take a tour today!

TerraWise Homes builds energy-efficient new homes in Jacksonville, FL. They use the latest energy efficiency construction techniques and eco-friendly innovations to create homes that are as energy-efficient as possible. In addition to Official Certified HERS ratings, their new homes come with solar energy system options and Net Zero Energy Home plans. Their approach to building homes is holistic and includes energy-efficient innovations and features. If you’re looking to buy a new home, it’s time to take a look at TerraWise’s offerings.

There are also several options available for home builders to choose from, including solar panels and roof racks. However, these upgrades can add up to a larger price tag and may be less energy-efficient. A solar panel isn’t enough for a zero-energy home to achieve net-zero energy, so it’s wise to make these choices carefully. A home inspector can help you find a house that fits your needs and budget while maximizing energy efficiency.

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