5 Design Ideas For the Perfect Sleep Haven

Your bedroom should be your retreat from the wear and tear of the outside world. Converting it into an ideal spot for sound sleep will turn it into a source of multifaceted physical and psychological benefits.

Furthermore create a personal, calm and comfortable sanctuary in your bedroom with cool decorating ideas from N3 Interior. Try mixing and matching styles to create a look that will make your personal space pop.

Create a Calming Ambiance

Bedroom bliss must be established with soothing, harmonious colours and lighting, cosy bed linen and heavenly odours which all induce drowsiness.

Opt for soothing blue or grey shades to bring sedative effects to your room. Paint either of these colours on an accent wall for a touch of extra colour yet similarly calming bedroom decor.

Post cherished photos or artwork in your bedroom to trigger a stream of questions that might lead to positive memories and feelings, so you can wake up feeling less anxious. Positive associations like these can be a helpful way to wind down.

De-clutter Your Space

Making it happen all begins with choosing the pieces that set the mood, with elegant bedroom furniture such as a bed, or nightstands that both suit the design and add to its appeal.

Unobstructed surfaces Create storage solutions for ‘clutter magnets’ Add easily dispensable (but still pleasant) fragrances and sound-muffling strategies.

Incorporate Soft Furnishings

A good bedroom needs to be a certain kind of mixture of colours, fabrics, textures and fabrics – in terms of fabric and colour but also in feeling: linens and pillows, throws of warmth for skin.

Installing natural wood furniture to your bedroom along with good bed linens sets a calm environment.

Add a Touch of Personality

Give your bedroom character and warmth with quirky storage and bedroom furniture for a totally unique feel, be it a designer bed frame or customised wall-hanging or keepsake box that you’ve created yourself. Create a place where you can indulge yourself or relax with your collections or try a DIY project that shows off your personality; create your own bedroom haven.

When creating the right ambience and expressing your personal style, wall art is crucial. Invite the colours that speak to you into your life. Fill your home with vibrant red, cosy blue, or whatever colours you feel truly capture your essence.

Create a Reading Nook

What bookworm doesn’t need a cosy reading nook? Enhance your sanctuary with a window seat, accent chair, or even a chaise lounge – the more pillows and plush blankets for snuggling up as you’re engrossed in pages from your new favourite book, the better.

Add touches that are uniquely yours: framed photos of loved ones, art prints of your favourite artists, keepsakes and the like that let the space reflect your identity. Welcome greenery by adding plants to your shelves and windows; throw in an aromatherapy diffuser or a scented candle, and the chill zone gets even chillier.

Add a Touch of Nature

Invite bits of nature into your bedroom decorating. Soft floor rugs and fluffy comforter & throws in earth tones such as flowery pinks and sky blues can establish a serene atmosphere in a bedroom.

Clutter is a source of huge tension in the environment so, as much as possible, keep your bedroom as peaceful as possible by regularly decluttering. Choose wardrobes and dressers so that you can corral all your personal paraphernalia.

Make your bedroom feel like home by creating some custom decorations for the walls. Maybe some frames with paintings, decoupaged covers of books onto a regular mirror, something else…

Add a Touch of Texture

Create visual interest through layered linens and decorative pillows and accessories. It could be a mix of colours or fabrics, such as velvet and rough or nubby textures, all working together to create a visual harmony. You may also want to feature accents in natural wood or woven fabric, which will give the room an eclectic feel. Eclectic doesn’t always mean extravagant, but, by personalising your space, it can help you create a space that is uniquely your own.

Nightstands can be a stunning visual, not to mention practical addition to your bed. Go for a pair of art deco chests to show off your taste in decor and make it cosy with knick-knacks, such as artwork and other tokens from home to make you feel at home.

Add a Touch of Luxury

Spread that space with objects of luxury that resonate warm feelings and peak memories: frame selected photos that make you happy and indulge in a comfortable nook made up of armchairs and throw blankets.

When choosing paint colours for your bedroom, go for understated whites and greys – try white or grey. Neutrals play MUCH nicer with quality linen textiles and add to the overall luxury of your bedroom. Another way to make an even bigger statement is through layering your lighting. An eye-catching chandelier above your bed, or wall sconces, will free up space on your nightstands for additional lamps, and will give your bedroom some character.

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